The Association will hereby...

"Uphold a reputation for dealing with its models, the general business community and the modeling industry and to represent their models in good faith recognizing the individual unique quality of the model's abilities.

Uphold professional standards in advertising for clients and promote advertising that is not misleading to the reader as a promise of employment.

Uphold a professional image by continuing to educate association members on the newest developments in the industry. Effectively apply new skills, modern techniques and materials needed to effectively maintain the high standard the modeling industry demands. As a body, to further enhance industry professionalism and ethics through the continuous sharing of knowledge and skills among its association members.

Act in accordance with all municipal, provincial/state and country laws governing business practice, general operation and legal sales return policies and to uphold the rules and regulations of the province/state and country regulation bodies.

As a body, to assist and support association members and their models in respect to assignment of association member models to national and international organizations that request the services of the association models. To ensure that association members are protected from unethical conducts by national and international organizations in the areas of professional conduct with association models and the remuneration or commissions due to association's members.

As a body, to assist and support association members from unethical organizations that undermine the integrity or any association member without due cause. To monitor and counteract the activity of all mobile organizations that operate in the territory of association members without a business license for that territory and who undermine the business ethics of any of the association members."